When I was drawing I had a thought.

That is, you always can find out what you care about recently in your painting.

I like to paint on the various materials that were placed around my space. In other words, these stuff can be thrown away easily.

Probably art is like this (for me).

A suddenly inspired thought, a blooming only a night.

A flash in a pan.

Although my profession is not an artist but absolutely I love art.

The process of creation is always fantastic for me. Before this, I know that I have somethings want to express.

In fact, I admire this profession very much but on the other hand I am jealous too. Because this is difficult, complicated work that I can not handle it.

The more important action I can participate is that to support the artists, to respect the profession, and to create the friendly

environment of artistic education.

Not for fight, not for compare, not for get discourse power.


Let's love art together!